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A prayer to be prayed aloud while walking slowly and with reverence.


I make the encircling

ripple of water

elegance of dawn

blush of rose

stirring of day


I make the encircling

quiet of earth

glow of candle

rhythm of pulse

stillness of night


I make the encircling

green of Spirit

heart of God

presence of Christ

wellspring of life


            ©Anne Powell



Pope Francis 31 May 2017

 General Audience (In anticipation of the celebration of Pentecost)


This “invincible hope” that the Holy Spirit gives us can also be shared with our brothers and sisters so that we may be “sowers of hope.


“It’s not Christian to sow bitterness and doubt,” the pope said in an impromptu remark. “Sow the oil of hope, sow the perfume of hope and not the vinegar of bitterness and despair.”


The pope quoted Cardinal John Henry Newman, who said that filled with this hope we can become “consolers in the image of the Paraclete… advocates, helpers and bringers of comfort to others.”


The poor, the marginalized, the unloved are the ones who need someone to be their consoler and defender the most, the pope said. This world we live in also needs the Holy Spirit and St. Paul wrote that it also “ardently awaits” the liberation.

Pope Francis compared the Holy Spirit to the wind that leads us “towards the safe harbour of eternal life” and called us to defend and care for creation.


“The Spirit is the wind pushing us forward, keeping us going,that makes us feel like pilgrims and foreigners and doesn’t allow us to get comfortable and become sedentary.


The pope said that hope is both an anchor (cf Heb 6:18–19) that keeps us safe in turbulent waves and a sail that allows us to glide above the water. Hope “collects the wind of the Spirit and transforms it into energy that pushes the boat toward the open sea or the shore,” he added.


St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans concludes by praying that “the God of hope” will make us “abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” The pope said that this hope is not only for the eternal life after death, but also for our life on earth.


“As long as there is life, there is hope,” Pope Francis said quoting a popular Italian saying. “The opposite is also true: As long as there is hope there is life. We need hope in order to live and we all need the Holy Spirit in order to hope.”



Events and updates:


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Travina Oh (left) and Michaela Stack at the Cenacle Family monthly catch-up in May, standing in front of an artwork by Michaela called Consider the lilies in mixed media, on loan to the Cenacle sisters.



Refugees Welcome in New Zealand!

Our Cenacle community in Waikanae stands in solidarity with millions of women, men and children who each day suffer as a result of war and violence.  We honour the innocent lives lost, both in war and conflict and in the desperate and dangerous journey to find a safe new home for all.  We take a stand – as so many people have come together around the world to say “Refugees Welcome in New Zealand!

We invite you to relect on Anne’s poem, Refuge of Spices.  Anne wrote this poem some years ago when she was in Hyde Park, London.  She retrieved a ball which a little boy had thrown and was unable to reach.  Anne and the mother of the child had a conversation. The family were refugees from Iraq.


Refuge of spices


The woman from Iraq tows

her children through the park.

Wind troubles her black 

robes painting a ship

sailing on a green sea.

Her children run free as waves.

The woman sits by the lake

Oasis in a strange land

lacking the hospitality  of raisins and sweet tea.

She throws bread to the two swans

that paddle her lostness to the other side.

Allows the solitude of swans

to carry her home where palms

and palaces welcome her

beneath the blue dome of sky.

Feels the desertion of exile

beneath her breast

beneath her fingernails

refuge of spices.

            © Anne Powell






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